Can Cannes work?

by Cedric Tippl

Can Cannes Lions 2021 – DIGITALLY – work?

A festival that thrives on interpersonal interaction. A place where people from all over the world network, exchange ideas and thereby set new trends. On the one hand on an international level, but on the other hand also for us Lions – the BW Lions – the Baden-Württemberg delegation, which normally spent a week networking on the Côte d’Azur… both externally and among themselves.

All this was replaced with a livestream that everyone watches by themselves, in their dreary office or even worse, at home? NO!

The BW Lions simply brought Cannes to Stuttgart. Of course, in compliance with hygiene regulations, we were able to create our own little festival out of a frontal lecture from the screen. With finger food, in-person conversations and of course some Rosé. A week where we can sit together at any time, without a set schedule, watch Cannes Lions Live and discuss. Just like at the “regular” festivals.

Nevertheless, one thing remained, even if only to a small extent – Our everyday life. Of course, each of us had tried to avoid the daily business as much as possible during the week and yet it was difficult to implement a complete abstinence. Here, too, the online version of Cannes Lions opened up new possibilities. For example, I was able to set up my MacBook on a park bench between two client meetings and thus enjoy Cannes “with a view”.

Retroperspectively, I am positively surprised about the course of events and the atmosphere that we were able to create together with all participants, but especially by the people in charge. An incredibly pleasant experience, which gave us even more anticipation for Cannes 2022, then on the Côte d’Azur.

À bientôt!


(Image: christin_hume/unsplash)