Creativity is an added value

Creativity is both a universal – and an almost infinite – resource. It’s out there for free, and it can’t be used up. In market terms, creativity is hardly a scarcity.

So it can’t be worth a lot, can it?

Creativity is not an end, but a means. It’s a way of doing things, of solving problems – or of having fun. A way of making the most of the task at hand, and of getting the most out of your day. Sometimes it appears that creativity is most valuable to people working creatively. Being creative makes people happy. That makes it immeasurably valuable in itself.

Being part of the „creative industry“, we see a price tag put to it everyday. By what measure remains to be found out.




Ask 50 people online if the value of creativity can be measured, most will answer with no. #appinio



Thomas Schatton is one of the BW Lions, giving answers in figures – and (not) measuring it.