What’s the value of Creativity – the Lions’ brains start storming.

Giving creativity more space: Encouraging a culture of innovation between agencies and client.

What value does creativity have? Especially in the field of communication when we see that this doesn’t normally go beyond the marketing departments? Which tools are useful when creativity has to be disseminated using good arguments internally or externally? These points have to be considered when talking about the conditions to give creativity the space it needs, that we need. Do we require special technical environments such as modern workspaces? Does our environment give us  enough space and time to think creatively? How can companies and agencies work together in a way that results in the best creative output? What value does trust between client  and agency have when dealing with creative input and creative output? I’m hoping that my time in Cannes will provide the answers, one way or another… 🙂


Jasmin Sieverding is one of the BW Lions and a creative head who communicates with passion. Wanna read more about her: here.