The Campaign 2019

As every year, in 2019 BW Lions travel to the International Festival of Creativity with a powerful campaign idea. With the motto “Colors of Cannes”, the delegates not only want to represent the colors of Baden-Württemberg on site – they also want to give the creative people and companies in the state exciting insights into the festival week.

Cannes is colorful, Cannes is international. The diversity of the workshops, exhibitions and award ceremonies is almost limitless. This is exactly where the BW Lions come in and draw their own personal picture of the world’s largest creative festival: each delegation member has already chosen a color in advance. This serves as the proverbial red thread for the respective contributions directly from the festival. In addition, it is the content theme for the individual lectures at the Cannes Lions Reports, which will take place from July 2019 at various locations in the country.


Here are the colors of all BW Lions:

Patrick Amor, orange: The Power of Storytelling

Carolin Deberling, turquoise: Be open minded – never closed minded

Tanja Freudenthaler, white: Filling the white space – how can creativity beat the competition

Philip Fricker, blue: Creativity is like a sunny sky

Clemens Kaiser, pink: Expressive, dominant, rebellious and fresh – like good advertising

Robert A. Lau, azure: More a mystery than a color – like brilliant ideas or true love –
difficult to find, easy to loose and hard to forget.

Manuel Mayer, anthracite: What brands can learn from Hip Hop!

Catherina Münz, rosé: The flowering of creativity

Holger Schalk, green: Mastering the green with renewable ideas

Felix Schlepps, yellow: New optimism for creativity


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