The Campaign 2021

Delegation Inspiration.

Things are happening. Life is slowly returning and anticipation is rising. Cannes Lions is a prelude for us. A light at the end of the creative tunnel. Last year, in the midst of the pandemic, the festival fell into the blue waters of the Cote d’Azur. This year, the mother of all attendance events is taking place – but digitally.

Cannes Lions has always been the ultimate inspiration. A source of creative formats, themes, works … and people. Presented and exemplified by the best in their field. But what was, what is, what will happen to inspiration in everyday creative life? Because this takes place here, at home. In clubs, at concerts. In the cinema and theater. But when normality becomes a rarity and culture quieter, we realize how fundamental it is for our work.

In search of inspiration, we set out for a cultural Stuttgart that is slowly awakening from its creative slumber. Visit the places we have missed and long taken for granted. Show how, even in the pandemic, they have provided and continue to provide us with much-needed inspiration. Make them the stage for live talks on Instagram during the festival and bring Cannes home.

BW Lions Talks:

Monday, 6/21: Zeljko Lopicic and Moritz Schulz from the Mercedes Benz Museum.

Tuesday, 6/22: Julia Hartmann and Florian Mayer from the Delphi Arthouse Cinema

Wednesday, 6/23: Cord-Hinrich Grote and Jens Kenserski from the neo.Studio

Thursday, 6/24: Cedric Tippl and Marco Ruckenbrod from the Jigger & Spoon

Friday, 6/25: Antonia Hornberger and Jens Kenserski from the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart