Catch me if you Cännes

by Cedric Tippl

Finally in Cannes, physically, not digitally, without restrictions… But what is the Cannes Festival of Creativity actually? What is all part of it? The talks – of course – networking… in the breaks, at lunch, in the evenings, at parties? Parties… but which ones? Sure, Spotify Beach has a lineup worth mentioning for three days. From Kendrick Lamar to Dua Lipa to Post Malone, there were concerts here. Everyone wants to get in, few make it. But what about the rest of the events?

You rarely get on the guest list just like that, especially if you’re there for the first time and don’t even know which parties there are.

So first get an overview, network until you get to the “holy Excel table” where every party is listed – some with a registration link, some RSVP/invitation only.

Pick out parties, weigh them up and go – but how do you get in? Mumble last names and then wait for a query, pretend to be person XY. Look at the list – remember names – send it to the other delegates via Whatsapp. You’ve done it! At least for this event. And now? Ask around, what else is there? Where do you have to be, what can you do without? Get to know the procedures, outsmart “the system”. Not to celebrate – OK, maybe a little – but actually to make the most of every opportunity, every experience. Prepared for next year. Not just us. You too. HOW TO CANNES… More to come!!!