BW Lions in the zoo

by Jens Kenserski

One week of Cannes Festival of Creativity 2021 is behind me. A week in which the delegation normally stays on the Côte d’Azur, watches countless lectures, makes new contacts, likes to party and, above all, gets inspired 24/7.

So in 2021, no. We were invited to the BW Lions Camp at the Hospitalhof Stuttgart to experience the digital version of the festival together. Instead of the wild, we went to the zoo. There I met my fellow delegates live and analog for the first time and I have to say, it’s quite a good pack. So we inspired each other and gave each other tips for good talks and presentations. We laughed together, had fun. Our ‘keepers’ from bw-i, MFG and the Film Commission also ‘fed’ us regularly. Even though we expected something else, we managed quite well with the situation. I didn’t know that lions are so adaptable. Maybe it is also due to our Swabian genes…

And as it should be for a zoo, we were also allowed to do a little show every evening in pairs, namely our talks every evening at 7 pm. Two delegates chose an inspiring location and talked there. If you haven’t seen the talks yet, you really should.

Then, there was our legendary 120 minute party, where we, the delegates, were allowed into the outdoor enclosure for 120 minutes. What a stately feeling, we were allowed to romp around a bit, which is very important for lions.

All in all, a very different but still exciting week for us BW Lions at the zoo. And yet we are very much looking forward to spending a week in the wild next year….


Image: Baby Pixabay