From necessity to virtue

by Julia Hartmann

It is a pleasant 28°C, a light breeze of sea air blows past us. The seagulls fly far above sea level. A good sign. Feet in the sand and the view for a the horizon for a moment. A brief pause, a short breath, before we again into the rousing wave of the Cannes Lions. The roar of the sea suppresses for a brief moment the wild babble of voices in a colorful, loud spectacle. A mosaic of colors, sounds and smells that shapes a unique image.
This is how it could have been. This is the story I would have liked to tell.
Today I am telling a different story. The story of how the “Delegation Inspiration” brings out the
the true essence of the Festival of Creativity every day, sometimes in a very unconscious way, at home in
in Stuttgart: Creativity (at its finest).
Creativity in the acceptance of unavoidable circumstances. Creativity in dealing with technology,
that doesn’t work according to plan. Creativity in making the best digital festival festival experience.
And even if you could cry over the situation, and in the last few days you’ve heard the phrase “Next year will be even better,” a whole new dynamic is emerging. A dynamic that arises when one puts aside “would have had bicycle chain” and makes a virtue out of necessity.
In our case, this simply means to use the rather unfavorable conditions in order to let to turn them into something good. Because unlike all the other delegates before us, we have the unique opportunity to not only represent our creative location Baden-Württemberg on the Côte d’Azur but to actively involve it. We can take the time to do live talks in the numerous cultural venues of the home port, focused on Klarna, Frito Lay and Co. To deal with individual topics and to present cases that inspire us in real time.
to the outside world.
And then, from a colorful mixture of delegates, a team slowly and very inconspicuously forms
that gradually takes you out of your daily work routine. Almost as if you were actually on a trip. (Or on a class trip).
I notice how my perspective opens up from day to day as a result of the intensive exchange, and
not only perceive from how many different places on the planet the power of creativity sparks
but also get to know my own location, especially the people who shape it, much more consciously,
much more consciously.
And if the legendary 120 minute party in a small circle feels like a private home party, you can still say, of course, that everything will be better next year. But you can also enjoy the moment and, in the spirit of “Courage is beautiful”, look beyond the negative, see the beauty in things. (Even if we are well aware,
that we do not save lives!)
I am confirmed in the fact that inspiration is to be found always or perhaps especially in the small one. In the moment you look, free yourself and just let yourself fall into the experience.

Foto: Aron Visuals / Unsplash