Cannes and Creativity

By Zeljko Lopicic

Why is creativity something extraordinary?

It can come from anywhere and exist in anyone.

It is in her. In him. And in you.

When I choose creativity, I choose the harder path.

It blurs the lines between code and chaos. It can take any form – Some of those you would never expect.

Like ourselves and our being, creativity is also a work in progress.

The unfinished quest in search of the extraordinary.

A sprint forward where there is no finish line. Creativity has the power to change people. To build a business. And to shape society. In a way that nothing else can. It accompanies us every step of the way. Through all phases and forks. It’s insight and inspiration. It’s encouragement and connection. Milestones and magic.

Creativity is not only in everyone, but for everyone. Whoever you are.

Wherever you are – Remain restless. Aim higher. Keep going.

Progress through creativity.

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