Always the same when Mama’s on a business trip. What will I be bringing home?

By Sibylle Hager – Approach Cannes. While studying the event’s app my feelings change from neutral to panic towards the abundance of the offer. This surely will end-up in a hangover: “I was watching the wrong lectures, I missed the best”. So I prefer to put a filter on right now. Purely pragmatic thought … let’s think … I’m a woman, I do something with advertising … Women! Women in advertising! Female Creative Leadership! I’m mother of two daughters, the older one is finishing school right now and wants to enter the same carreer, in my industry. She will say, “Mudder, I’ll be fine!”, but at this point I’m asking myself, which self-understanding I actually have been living in my career. And what could I bring to her from Cannes? What could I bring to young girls in Baden-Württemberg who would like to join our industry? I have a mission. And a question to the creative ladies in Cannes: Why are you where you are today?

Suddenly, selecting a program becomes easy. Right on the first day, I’m heading for the Girls Lounge of “The Female Quotient”. The extremely successful female executives have created a movement. Here in Cannes to experience in a sheer inexhaustible series of casual elegant talc formats. A luxurious ambience, # morethanrosé, also copper. Maybe a little too much pink and copper to pick up male executives too. Nevertheless, some are present. “Men, share your power with women and you will benefit.” Just one of the proclamations during the day. Why are you where you are today? Later that afternoon, I will be asking Nancy from New York. Her answer: “Somebody put a chance on me!”

“Equal Currency, Why Financial Empowerment Matters”is the next talks headline. Futurologist Faith Popcorn is the only one on the panel, having moderation cards present. Not because she needs a reminder at the age of 71: humorously she’s providing the appropriate figures and forecasts during the talk, underlining the statements of the businesswomen and women entrepreneurs attening the panel – all smart and charming in conversation, approachable and straightforward. Each a role model for women in business. Thinking about the atmosphere and the supposed costs of renting the suite, I realise that a few people apparently might have understood that women are the new big market. Ladies – here is the opportunity to shape this market. Money matters! If you have money you can decide where it should be invested. Into nutrition, education or into weapons? Paths to equality in business can be found in the “Modern Guide to Equality” on

Next travel gift: Katrin Öding. Super cool woman. The alternative to copper and pink. The luxury dispensed by the German designer and experienced Cannes juror is of a different kind: black with chrome parts and an consistent love for passionately good design. If you think about submitting to Cannes, contact her, send your board and she will share her honest opinion. That’s what she offered us during the talk in our hotel garden and I assume it applies to all those who are taking it seriously. Attention! If you meet Katrin, you should have things to say. She’s won’t be wasting time with senselessness and quickly will be gone. Really, really quick when the vehicle is right and the freeway’s offering a clear run. Self-confidence, courage and fun is the answer to “Katrin, why are you standing where you are today?”

On Thursday then a purely male visit in the form of Nataniel Sijanta, Director Global Marketing Mercedes-Benz. He arrives punctually, after finishing  work as member of the panel on the She’s Mercedes stage (a company from Stuttgart has understood the matter, with the women and the new market). “Nats” – very likeable – together with the management of antoni are ready to answer our questions.
Unfortunately time flies and I can’t come up with the only question that really interests me: how do you make such an ingenious deal – becoming the German premium brand’s own agency? And if possibly women had their part to contribute. Sorry for not provding any insights here. Instead I’m bringing home a very practical tip at the end: Girls! Become excellent copywriters, remain close to the pulse and do not stick to Berlin, then the small Stuttgart offshoot of the great antoni HQ might have a job for you. If they can stand it at the creative location of Stuttgart for so long.

So here it comes, the hangover. I forgot something. I’m sure I missed something. I have to go there again. Come along! We’re going to Cannes!