More than advertising!

By Pia Schilling – “I work in an advertising agency”, “I make ideas”, “I am a creative”.

Something with media. Everybody does.


The fundamental question, what I exactly do there, occupies me every few years again. After another episode of Grey’s Anatomy I seriously think about throwing everything away and registering for medicine to do difficult Op´s afterwards on the open brain. Which no one else can do but me.


I believe that is the great need in me to do something valuable to create.

The time I don’t spend filling my wonderful children and my great husband with things that I really have to do because no one else can. A 12 hour brain surgery for example.


But I’m in an advertising campaign. And I haven’t even really studied anything with “media” yet. I am an industrial engineer. For God’s sake, how did I get this far?


During the winter and summer breaks of Grey’s Anatomy, I rearrange myself and tell myself that without someone like me, the market economy would not work and that I would make an important contribution that only I could. And that’s true, too.


And yet, there are jobs and customers that affect my heart more than others. Which are simply “more than advertising”. Those who have immensely important messages that concern us all and that, like everyone else, need to spread with everything we can.

And I can advertise.


Tuesday morning I was already sitting in a lecture at 10 o’clock sharp, which brought me back to the feeling that I had on the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Enough joking.

in one lesson, Corinne Woods Chief Marketing Officer at united Nations world Food Programme talks about the world’s emergencies. About

Hunger. Famished women, men and so many children.  3 million children die of starvation every year. They haven’t eaten today. Neither they did yesterday. And nothing the day before either. Their mothers wring them overnight in solid towels so that they feel the stomach ache of hunger less. But also the mother haven’t eaten for days.


Frozen rosé, Frozen rosé anyone?

Isn’t that absurd? This topic here in Cannes, in front of an audience that celebrates itself for the most part and spends thousands of Euros on a festival ticket?


I am not only working in an advertising agency, but I am also the mother of two little boys. And I am already worried if I don’t have a banana in my pocket on the trip, because they should get hungry.


So what can I do?

Imitate Sir John Hegarty. Helping, sharing, doing what I do well. Advertising. Communication Concepts. And on the top spending some money. (Everybody can do that!).

We all know that we use good creative ideas to draw people’s attention, move them and evoke a reaction. So let’s do it! Now!


Cinema sets a good example and draws attention to precisely this deplorable state of affairs with an emotional spot on the largest screen.


A black woman speaks in an adult voice. “I could never finish school, I could never work, I could never start a family, because I died…

The voice becomes childish, the face too.

“died… at the age of 8”.

At the end of the lecture I once again have the feeling that I can do something. And if, as mother of two little boys, not in Syria, in Yemen or anywhere else in the world, at least with something that I really can: with communication, creation etc.


There’s nothing wrong with selling cars or clothes or anything else. But let us also use our skills and knowledge to improve the biggest problems and grievances in our world.

And curbing hunger is a key message that everyone can use and that you don’t have to discuss about!


Take a heart and download the app “Share a Meal” and donate at least one meal to a starving child.


ShareTheMeal from United Nations


In the app you will find two groups:

Panama advertising agency and




where you can choose whether you want to eat for 40 cents a meal for one child or for 12 euros a child for the whole month. No matter what you click, please join in!


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