Why won’t people listen to me? Some answers from Cannes Lions

By Jennifer Moss – In a multi-screen world in which people are bombarded with messages from competing senders,  a recurrent question at this year’s Cannes Lions is how to get your customers to listen to or even notice your brand. The suggested answers are diverse:
One solution praised over and over again is STORYTELLING. The adjectives of storytelling highlighted in the sessions however vary: next-gen, modern, conversational, digital/human, multi-platform to just name a few. Another suggested answer to the question is to utilize (BIG)DATA, while other sessions recommend to throw all the collected data into the bin because the answer to our question lies in understanding human biology, biochemistry and neurology. But no matter what the answer is… or to rephrase: no matter what answer you choose, the common understanding is that our world requires humanized conversations. These types of conversations are always based on good ideas relevant to the people, who they have been created for. Ideas that allow interaction from a target group that the sender has at least tried to understand.