More provocation, please!

By Christopher Karl – Thank god the sea just around the vorner. Looking back to the last hours some nice things happened. Jumping into the water was the most important thing to some of the delegates before joining the regular morning meeting.

Yesterday evening, a spectacular Award Opening Show gave us short impressions of senstional creative campaigns in the area of print & publishing, PR, outdoor, and glass lions. A very unusual advertising campaign was made by Young & Rubicam for Opel with some delicate social topics.

Definetely provocative is the campaign by getty images realised by DBB Argentina covering pictures of children soldiers, rubbish, animal protection and poverty. More provocative topics are alcohol abuse or gender equality. Refreshing campaigns such as for the Havaiannas from Brazil or the provocing “Flame Grilled since 1954” adverts for Burger King which were honored with the  Cannes Lion Gran Prix.

Live from Cannes – Christopher Karl