Connect bumping in Cannes

Von Anja Glässing – Thanks very much for your business card! Oops, but where to pack this big bunch of cards while talking to three people at the same time? The Connect Bumper is the perfect device for problems like that, a wristband for your digital personal public relations. The ulimate Cannes device.

But let’s go back to the start of the day. Monday morning in Cannes, day two at the Festival. Our editorial meeting has just been successfully completed. The BW Lions are heading to the seminars, presentations and speeches. Niklas of Filestage has got a unique chance to present his company at the Start-Up Programme today and tomorrow to an international audience. Moritz and Mark will shoot the most interesting parts of seminars and workshops for a nice film. And last but not least: we are all looking forward to the Opening Gala tonight at Carlton Beach!