12 Concluding Insights

With half of our Cannes week over here are some concluding insights:

01 – First of all: Cannes Lions is impressive. It’s extensive and pretty packed with a huge range of panels, topics, developments and as well: parties.

02 – A thing one definitely has to realize: This festival is way more than a film festival for commercials like it had been for years.

03 – CHANGE is everywhere – change by technology, change by social matters, change by technology, change by data, change by diversity, change by responsibility.

04 – ‘Digital’ is no longer a category – it has become the basic form of communication and commercial.

05 – Classic advertisement (even if it’s digital) won’t work any more. The shift that’s happening is disruptive to the whole industry.

06 – Tomorrow will be based on technology, social and big data.

07 – Brand communication will have to be individual.

08 – Our world is not static – companies and brands must adopt and stay agile.

09 – Managing brands and brand communication is getting way more complex.

10 – The future battle of brands will be about becoming and staying relevant, based on content.

11 – The speed in communication is increasing vastly.

12 – There is still a high need of good design!

Live from Cannes – Simon Daubermann.