Adorable Trailblazers

Are you curious? Think back to your childhood. What really moved you back then? What touched your heart?

My first memory: Me in the sleeping bag in my crib. I wanted out. So I pulled myself up on its bars. The shaking. The exhaustion. And the fall. I left my comfort zone. It was dark. But I wasn’t scared. Because I realized something. I can change the situation if I want to.
I could think of hundreds of other examples. At the age of eight, I built my own racer from garbage, shot my own short movie at the age of 12, when I was fourteen, I programmed my own text-based adventure.

What made me do it? The innocent curiosity for something new. Conquering the unknown. An unprecedented solution for a problem. A creative innovation.

Creativity is the mother of all values. With it, we discovered fire. We thought up tools – and built them to turn from the savage to the civilized. Kids feel this urge the strongest. Because there simply are no cultural aspects or reservations restricting it. Let’s get it back!

This gap is the base of my work. Advertising is people’s business. Creative innovation arouses inner curiosity, raises attention, interest, desire, action. Whether it’s a new way of telling an old story, a new media for the message, a new context – triggering curiosity is the basis of it all.

But how can we trigger it? I can think of four points: My own curiosity, courage, commitment and cooperation. And questions: Are you creative or innovative? Why is bravery better than banality? What does an idea need in order to conquer the world – like we used to back in the day? Do we shape innovation or does innovation shape us?

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Stay curious!



Sven Kratzsch is a BW Lion, always curious of new things – and Cannes.