Brains start storming, Part II

Come up with something – or go home!

I am looking for people and agencies, who actually believe in good ideas, extraordinary design and an uncommon look and – especially – are ready to fight for it.

Against cowards and against market research. For more courage and trust in creativity.

A brand´s success does not depend on how many channels it it uses but on what kind of attitude and love it relies. Quality matters.

– Mainstream vs. Idea & Design – – – Market Research vs. Courage

I am excited with whom I will discuss these topcs and what kinds of opinion and inspiration I will find.

Das berühmte weiße Blatt



Pit Lederle is one of the BW Lions, calling on us to fill the famous white sheet of paper in Cannes. If only: Everything but boring. Wanna read more about him: here.