We’ll come to find answers

What´s the value of creativity?

The BW Lions, the one and only delegation of a federal state in Germany, sends ten creative heads to Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity – again! Not only to see the French Riviera, to wonder about Gwyneth Paltrow and Spike Jonze,  to learn a whole lot about new trends and to meet new people. But also to find answers. What does creativity even mean? And how does it affect ourselves, our mission, our life, our planet? We’d like to ask one question that seems really essential to our work: “What’s the value of creativity”? And we are eager to find answers. In our country and in yours, on the street, in the Palais du Festival in Cannes, at the beach – wherever you might be, think, talk to us, be creative…

In the meantime you’ll find us here in this newsroom, trying to do the same: Sharing thoughts, being creative, finding answers. Follow us. And give answers here.